Monday, 12 August 2013

The On-Line Bullying Scandal

The scandal about the bullying of vulnerable people using social network sites, such as,continues on in the media.  One vulnerable young girl was repeatedly taunted and goaded into ending her life by sickos.  Why has never been established.  Commentators put it down to nothing but sheer bullying.  Other youngsters have come forward and spoke about jibes about ending their lives, and receiving threats for absolutely no reason.  But it is not restricted to social network sites.  It can take numerous different forms.  I have had varying degrees of nastiness from people.  My crime?  The first time was because I refused to believe every word that dribbled from the mouth of a man, and I was able to take apart his claims with proof.  I showed that he was an out and out liar and bullshit merchant.  Yet, because I would not stick my head and tongue up the arse of this man, I got a vitriolic email from a member of his fanclub.  "How could you?" he wailed.  "He`s the most respected man.  You`re nothing!"  BUT I AM NOT AN OUT & OUT LIAR & BULLSHIT MERCHANT.

    He cried about what I did, not what I wrote.  He kept his mouth firmly shut on that point.  It screamed out loud; "I want the lies! I want the bullshit!"  Pathetic!  I know that the man would be more concerned about his adoring fan club knowing the truth than anything else.  I was told a story by one old man who used to be a professional wrestler, who told of taking care of this man with no trouble at all.  The guy was livid at this.  "He`s a liar" he said firmly, ignoring the absolute irony of that statement.

    The next time was recently, over a post on an unsolved murder.  All information I put up is in the public domain, and I do not have a problem with being corrected.  In fact, I welcome it.  I have been corrected a couple of times and these people have not had a problem with it.  I put out requests to point out mistakes, yet all messages from this person were nasty toned.  The only correction I eventually got was that the takeaway firm the victim worked for did not deliver pizzas, as reported often in the press.  Find the tree, get the rope and the last cigarette for me and string me up!  Oh what a untruthful bastard I am!  Unsolved crimes?  Everybody will have a theory.  Apparently I am not allowed one on this case.  One case I put up, I have had two scenarios for the murder from a man who may be in the Mental Health profession.  Great stuff!  It makes you think.

    Some years back, I used to subscribe to a fanzine about Jimi Hendrix, Jimpress.  This had been set up by a man from Leeds, Gary Geldeart and Steve Rodham, from Little Sutton.  I come from Little Sutton, though I do not personally know Steve.  He later moved to Warrington.  Steve committed an unforgivable crime in stating some things about some JH concerts that did not fit in with a guy in the states called Michael Fairchild, who worked at that time for the Hendrix Estate.  Steve received vitriolic letters from Fairchild, ending with "Stop distracting me and my work!"  Steve wrote that he had to do a lot of soul searching and readily produced a long list of rebuttals to the rantings of Fairchild, but decided to leave it and not respond.  "The lunatics can have the asylum" he said.  Fairchild takes himself ultra seriously and even wrote himself that some media people told him to get a life!  This sort of nastiness can have an undermining effect on you.  I felt this twice.  Most people do not go out with an agenda to stir up trouble, but do something because it interests them, and they are polite people only too ready to correct any errors they may make.  Yet there are people unable to respond to courtesy for whatever reasons.