Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Bone Collector

This was the name given to an unknown serial killer who had his own dumping ground for his victims.  It was in February 2009 that a dog walker ( It is amazing how many bodies are discovered by dog walkers in the UK) in the West Mesa area of Albuquerque in New Mexico, came across a human bone.  An excavation of the area where the bone was found, unearthed the remains of eleven missing prostitutes, making it the biggest crime scene, area wise, in US history.

    Police had a monumental problem as the killer left absolutely no clues at the crime scene.  No DNA, weapons, or anything.  The prostitutes still working, live in fear of this man re-emerging, though no more murders that can be attributed to the killer have occurred.  Some clients of the prostitutes have hinted that they were the killer in order to make them compliant to their sexual demands.  "He was the working girls` bogeyman" said the founder of "Safe Sex Work ", a non-profit organisation that helps street workers.

    Since the discovery of all the bodies, the attitude of the Police has changed dramatically in regard to complaints of rape and assault by punters, from the prostitutes.  Indeed, they keep a roster known as the "Bad Date List", names of men who have been ill-treating prostitutes.  This list is always updated.  As the girls were far more cautious in their approach to clients, it has been speculated that the "Bone Collector" may have been put off doing more killings, or maybe he has moved on.  The identity of this man remains a mystery.