Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Cambridge Rapist

This is another case I remember from the seventies of how yet another sexual predator terrorised a city world famous for it`s colleges and universities.  This was the man dubbed "The Cambridge Rapist" and he held the university city in a iron grip of fear.  In all, the perpetrator Peter Samuel Cook, had nine victims to his tally.  He usually broke into flats and bedsits of single young women, initially, he claimed, "to rob but decided to stay and rape".  He gained access dressed as a woman, and ended up wearing a leather mask with rapist written on it.  He then cycled away wearing a blonde wig down back alleys so he eluded Police.

    His first attack took place on October 18th 1974 in Springfield Road.  His victim was a twenty year old woman who was confronted by an intruder whilst she only had a bath towel around her.  He then struck again on November 1st in Abbey Road.  Then his next attack was in Homerton College on November 13th, and then on December 8th in Owlstone Road.  He struck again on December 15th in Huntingdon Road.  His victim was 20 years old.  The previous tenant had fought off a masked intruder.  Then it was into the new year and February 13th when he attacked a woman in Marshall Road.  He kept out of circulation until May 6th when struck again in Pye Terrace.  Then he committed gross indecency on a woman in Owlstone Croft on June 8th but as he was cycling away wearing a blonde wig, he was apprehended by an alert constable.

    In 1975, at Norwich Crown Court, he was given two life sentences, yet, incredibly, there were people who campaigned for his release or transfer to an open prison in 1995!  The sickening crimes never matters to these retards, they only want to cry for the scumbags of this Earth.  But a campaign led by local MP Ann Campbell successfully managed to keep him in prison, and Home Office minister Michael Forsyth said that Cook would only be considered for release if there was absolutely no danger to the public.  But on January 9th 2004, Cook died in Winchester Prison from natural causes.  No doubt his victims rejoiced that the scumbag was off this Earth, and rightly so.