Monday, 30 September 2013

In Memoriam of victims of Gary Ridgway

One thing that is missing in writing about crimes and criminals, and that is the victims.  So, I will do some "In Memoriam" posts of victims of killers and serial killers.  Today I kick off with three short bios of three of the many victims of Green River killer, Gary Leon Ridgway.  First off, we have Gisele Lovvorn, born in California on February 26th 1965, and she was an exceptional and gifted youngster who was an enthusiastic reader and had an IQ of 145, which can put her in the genius category.  However, she suffered at school, thinking that she was an outsider, and she was later frequently bullied.  I get the impression that she was an individual rather than a follower, and this does put people into difficult and awkward situations, simply because they are not a toady or "yes" person.  She decided to ditch school and travelled around the country following her favourite band, The Grateful Dead.  Nothing wrong in that, being a "Dead Head".  It was believed that it was during this period that she fell into prostitution, and it was on 17th June 1982, she disappeared from the Pacific Highway South.  Two months later, her remains were discovered in woods close to the SeaTac Airport.  Ridgway confessed to killing her in 2003.

     Carrie Ann Rois was born on February 15th 1968 but did not have a solid, stable family life, with her mother and father divorcing, and her mother remarrying twice.  She claimed that her second stepfather had molested her, and moved in with her father but that did not go well.  She ended up in and out of homes, but eventually just walked out of one and never went back. She did keep in contact with her mother and did get along very well, but she ended up working the "Strip", an area of the Pacific Highway South that was notorious for prostitutes, where she plied for tricks with her friend.  She vanished sometime between 31st May and June 15th from near the Pacific Highway South.  Her remains were found near Star lake Road on March 10th 1985. Ridgway admitted to her murder.

    Debra Bonner aged 22, was an early victim of Gary Ridgway.  She was one of the victims actually found in the Green River, and Detective Dave Reichert was one of the Police officers on the scene. Debra was born in either 1959 or 1960 and grew up in Tacoma, where she had two siblings.  She dropped out of high school but wanted to join the Navy, and even studied hard to get her GED`s, but things never go as planned for many people.  She was desperately trying to get her life back on track, and even frequently phoned home to keep in contact with her family. She told her mother that she had problems with an abusive boyfriend.  She left a motel to go and hustle on the Strip, and vanished on July 25th 1982, and then was found in the Green River on August 12th 1982.  Ridgway later admitted her murder.