Tuesday, 24 September 2013

David Cook - Double Murderer

This brutal killer is another member of that unique band of prisoners serving whole life sentences that journalist Mary Riddle has sympathy for.  Families of both of Cook`s victims will never share that view that dangerous felons should be given a possibility of a chance of parole.  Cook brutally murdered two people in the same manner, and although he gave himself up both times - something that the apologists would point out - he killed both times with deliberation.

    He first made a name for himself as an extremely violent criminal with a couple of robberies at people`s homes, tying up the victims, then using violence.  He was captured and sent to prison.  Whilst in there, he received a letter from sunday school teacher and christian Beryl Maynard, writing to some inmates jut so they have contact with someone, even if only through letters.  But Cook took it one step further and when released, went to meet her.  Mr Maynard was unsure about this but he never realised what a pathological liar Cook was, and over time, he felt totally relaxed around Cook.  But in 1987, he returned to his Reading home to find his wife dead.  When the Police looked at Cook and started searching for him, he went and gave himself up.  Beryl Maynard had been strangled with the cord from a dressing gown.  He was charged, convicted and jailed for life.

    But, as happens in the UK, twenty one years later, he was deemed fit for release and was located in Rhymney, in South Wales.  Again, as happens in the UK, where he was moved to an area and the community kept in the dark about the violent and murderous past of Cook.  He befriended an old and kind hearted, 64 year old Len Hill.  One day, Len Hill went missing and people searched for him, Police searched for him and then made a gruesome discovery.  Len was found murdered in the next door home of David Cook.  Again, the MO of Cook was at work; tying up and then strangulation.  He then left the area.  A nationwide alert was put out for Cook who upon hearing, telephoned Police to tell them where they could find him.  Cook was arrested and charged with murder for a second time.  He claimed that he snapped after elderly Mr Hill made sexual advances to him, but this was shown to be nothing but lies.  He was convicted and told that he will never be released.  Many people on forums believed that if life meant life or murderers were executed, victims like Len Hill would still be alive.

    Apologists for the most heinous of criminals and killers, to them I say, Would they like to tell Jeremy Bamber that he is line to a huge inheritance but they are before him and then invite him to stay with them?  Would they insist Peter Moore stays in a hostel of solely gay men?  Would they help Sutcliffe do some DIY, buy him a hammer and screwdriver and hand them to him and make sure their backs are to him?  Send their teenage daughters to live with Rose West?  We know what answer they would give.  Don`t we!