Monday, 9 September 2013

Teenagers Who Kill

I came across a couple of cases that involved teenagers who kill their parents and receive life without parole in Colorado.  The first involved Jacob Indy, who shot his mother and step-father.  He claimed that he suffered years of mental and sexual abuse at the hands of his step-father.  His claims were backed by his elder brother who left home when he was old enough, to escape the abuse.  When asked if his mother knew, he replied that he believed she knew but ignored it.

    It was thought that they, as growing up, they were two model children who replied in talking to others with "Yes, Sir" and "No, Ma,am".  That was an immediate red flag in my book, meaning that to reply like that is not manners but an overbearing parent acting like a drill sergeant.  The prosecutor dismissed all defence testimony as a ploy to get the accused acquitted of murder.  Even outsiders evidence was part of a ploy!  Jacob Indy was convicted and automatically sentenced to life without parole, as laid down by state law.   Jacob lashed out at his abusers but in the end he had to pay, harsh as the law must seem.

    Next came a case in Colorado in which not only did the killer receive LWP but his buddy also received LWP despite not participating in the murder.  He did not know what was going down, but another person with him, cut a deal with the cops that saw change in the role the buddy supposedly played.  Nathan Ybanez was dominated by an overbearing mother who tried to control everything he did.  One night, with buddy Erik Jensen and a lad called Brett.  Nathan went into his home, when his mother called Erik into the house.  As he entered, Nathan smashed his mother over the head with a blunt object, killing her.  Erik Jensen did not know how to cope with the situation, but eventually all three rolled the body into a blanket and dumped it.  Soon, all three were arrested and charged with first degree murder, but Brett decided to cut a deal for a reduced charge, but now Erik Jensen was a participant in the murder.  Nathan always maintains Erik took no part in the murder and had no knowledge of what he was going to do.  He should be punished for disposing of the body, but obviously he had to say the right story in court to get his plea bargain.

    Next along came Trevor Jones who shot his best buddy Matt Foley whilst selling him a gun.  The gun went off accidentally, Jones claimed.  Foleys` parents were understandably outraged and unforgiving towards Jones, but despite the parents saying their son was a good lad, heavily into sports and doing well for himself, what was he doing trying to buy a gun? Apparently, his cousin asked him to purchase a gun for him.  Why did his cousin need a gun?  Why did he need Matt Foley to buy it for him?  Jones claimed that intended to scam his "best friend" to keep the gun and money.  Did they struggle with the gun and it went off, or did he cold-bloodedly kill him?  Only Jones knows the truth, and he is doing LWP which he deserves, in my view.