Sunday, 15 September 2013

Gangland - Zoe Pound

Gangland in the USA has changed dramatically over the last four decades, in that traditional organised crime - The Mafia - does not have the powerful grip on the Underworld that it once had.  Now the power has shifted to the street gangs throughout the US, and these gangs comprise of street corner juveniles and young men.  One gang that made an extremely violent impact in Miami and Florida, was Zoe Pound.  This gang sprang up in a deprived area of immigrants from that home of voodoo, Haiti, and became known as "Little Haiti".

    This gang was involved in drug trafficking, armed robbery, carjacking, extortion and murder.  Police found that the gang had sprung up in the late 1980`s and let nothing stand in their way.  Over the last decade Police maintained a relentless drive against them, that it was supposed that the gang had been destroyed.  As it always turns out, the gangsters simply upped and moved away, spreading their brand of terror in other cities.  Some of them returned to Haiti, and some moved to the Bahamas and surrounding areas of the Caribbean, simply carrying on where they had left off.  A quick look at one of the extremely dangerous gangs that now proliferate the US.

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