Sunday, 22 September 2013

Christopher Dimeo - Cold Blooded Killer

Dimeo is doing life without parole for three completely unnecessary murders committed during the robbing of jewelry stores.  This short spree, along with girlfriend Nicole Pearce, was committed for no other reason than to fuel their drug addictions.  Dimeo & Pearce were junkies - heroin addicts - and needed at least $600 a day to hand over to pushers.  They left California and drove all the way across the States to New York in a car they had stolen that belonged to a family member.

    Dimeo was the son of junkies, and when his mother remarried, he did not get along with his stepfather.  He taught his stepson to shoot animals, and later he became very cold when doing so.  It was no big deal; this was evident when he slaughtered three people years later.  He met up with Nicole Pearce, and before long, they were both addicts, and robbed from their families to pat for their addiction.  In 2001, Dimeo was convicted of attempting to rob a Best Buy store in Long Island.  Things turned extremely ugly when Dimeo robbed a jewelry store in Glen Head, New York State, when December 21st 2004.  Dimeo cold bloodedly gunned down Tom Renison, snatched trays of jewelry and vanished.  He had robbed two stores beforehand, and in one, he aimed a gun at a woman assistant and seemed to have pulled the trigger but the gun jammed.  Very fortunately for the woman.  As is the norm, the money they received from fences for the jewelry, was only a fraction of their worth, and did not last the couple long.

    Nicole Pearce cased the stores for Dimeo, checking out security, cctv, where the most expensive items were, and what the staff were like.  Would they challenge him during the robbery?  It was on February 5th 2005 that they held up J&J Jewels in Post Road, Fairfield, in Connecticut.  Dimeo went in and held up Tim & Kim Donnelly in their shop.  He shot them both dead.  He later claimed Tim Donnelly struggled with him.  They fled to Atlantic City after fencing their haul, checking into a motel, and carrying on doing drugs.  Police questioned Dimeo`s mother who gave them a cell number.  They in turn, put this into the hands of the US Marshalls, who had the necessary technology to track where the phone was.  They traced it to Atlantic City, so a heavily armed squad moved in to arrest them.  Nicole Pearce actually walked into the cops, when they entered the building and was quickly arrested.  They then phoned Dimeo and ordered him to come out.  They were ready for a shootout, but surprisingly, Dimeo surrendered without incident, and later admitted to a cop that he was scared to face that many cops.  He had no problem aiming a firearm at shop assistants & managers and pulling the trigger.

   Pearce quickly co-operated, saying that she cased the robberies but did not stay in the getaway car on the Fairfield robbery, preferring to go back to the motel.  She then dropped the bombshell that Dimeo`s mother put him up to the robbery in which Tom Renison was murdered, and even phoned him whilst he was in there to hurry up!  The mother was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years.  Pearce received twenty.  Dimeo received life without parole.  In 2011, he was put on trial for the murder of Tim & Kim Donnelly.  The DA sought the death penalty for Dimeo.  Pearce gave evidence that was videoed, as she was in hospital suffering from terminal cervix cancer.  Dimeo was convicted but his lawyers did a good job in getting him LWP.  He apologised to the Donnelly family, but that is usually self serving.  He had no hesitation in shooting them nine times.  Yet here he was pleading for his own life to be spared.  Was it drugs that caused Dimeo & Pearce to become what they did?  Heroin did not cause Dimeo to cold bloodedly execute three people, when he had no reason to, it is something inside.  There is something missing when people turn into ruthless killers, and I do not accept reasons spat out "Their childhood, their upbringing" blah, blah, blah.  People can have the most appalling childhoods yet many can rise above it.  I believe it comes down to the mental make up of the individual.