Sunday, 1 September 2013

Ed Kemper - The Co-Ed Killer

Edmund Kemper murdered ten people in his life, including his mother and grandparents.  Kemper shot, strangled and dismembered his victims.  His father vanished when he was four years old, and despite having two sisters, his mother took her rage out on him.  His punishments included being locked in a cellar for months on end.  During these isolations, he enjoyed tearing the heads and limbs off his sisters` dolls, and he fantasised about doing it for real, in particular, to his mother.

    In 1964, when Kemper was 14, he was sent to live with his grandparents, but they had n time for him and eventually, Kemper brandished a shotgun and killed them both.  He was locked up in a secure hospital, and over time, he was trusted to help in tests on patients, and built up a knowledge of psychiatric tests and evaluations, thus he knew the answers to the tests he was himself later given.  He had now acquired an IQ rating of 136.  He so impressed the hospital with his knowledge and behaviour that he was released in 1969.  Kemper had also grown to a huge size, 6` 9" and weighed around three hundred pounds.  He went back to living with his mother and she resumed her mental abuse of him, insulting, berating, blaming.  One day, he stormed out of the home after another argument, he picked up two young female hitchhikers, shot them, then took them back to his home where he dismembered them.

    Kemper kept some body parts, allegedly for consumption but most parts were scattered along the coastline.  Four more young co-eds met this fate.  Then one day, he decided that the source of his anger, his mother, was going to die.  He strangled her in her bedroom, decapitated her, then called a close friend of hers to the house.  When she arrived, he killed her too.  Kemper then gave himself up to the Police and confessed to all. Kemper used to frequent cop bars and amiably chat to them, finding out if there was any activity over the missing girls.  He received seven life sentences.

    FBI profiler Robert Ressler visited Kemper in prison to talk to him and participate in the Bureau`s programme on knowing traits of killers for the BSU.  But Kemper showed his intelligence in a frightening way.  Ressler wanted to exit the room but no guard came when he rang the bell.  Kemper grinned and told him that no guard would be around for about half an hour.  He had made careful mental notes of the coming and going of staff.  He told Ressler that in the time he had, he could twist his head off, and that he had no chance.  Ressler calmly talked for about forty minutes of why would Kemper want to kill him.  Eventually, a guard came, much to the relief of Ressler.  Kemper grinned and said that he would not have killed him, he just wanted to see how Ressler would handle the situation.  Seriously scary guy!