Thursday, 1 November 2012

Psychic Detectives

A popular show from Court TV is Psychic Detectives, in which it is claimed that so-called psychics have helped the Police in the States "Solve hundreds of cases."  It is remarkable that these people seem to solve many more cases than the BAU in the TV series "Criminal Minds"  The current superstars of this genre are Noreen Ranier, Phil Jordan and Carol Pate.  It is amazing that their names do not appear in the case files, telling all how they were able to use their "special powers" to crack the case.  One case in particular is Florida serial killer David Gore.  Caught by diligent Police work, it was later claimed that Phil Jordan helped bring it to a conclusion.  Strange, how in a documentary giving a thorough rundown  on how Gore was apprehended, there was no mention of a psychic "being consulted."

    It is also claimed that Ranier had given a lecture at the FBI Academy.  I do not know if this is true, but I would have thought that the Bureau, which provides all the best training, all the best facilities, would give the time of day to an alleged psychic.  One claim made by these people in the States and here in the UK, is that they have helped the Police in "hundreds of cases."  The Police here certainly do not corroborate these claims and usually treat these with disdain.

    The best site to truly understand these people was "Bad Psychics" but unfortunately the site host has shut it down, due to constant abuse and indeed death threats, from these people who prey upon the lonely, bereaved and vulnerable.  This man was costing them money, because it taught the unsuspecting what the game is all about, and the tricks they use to fool and con the public out of money.

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