Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Savile Affair

Everyday brings an apparent new "revelation" about the actions of one Jimmy Saville.  It seems that he did face a number of probes into allegations about his behaviour, but they never went any further.  Allegations were made in the media that Saville paid off Police to drop their investigations.  He certainly had the money to do that.  Then came the usual garbage that "He was too powerful to touch." 

    This is the line spouted about people like celebrities, or criminals like The Krays.  The reason, I believe, that it was said that The Krays "were too powerful" was the protection they received from bent Police and politicians like Boothby and Driberg.  It is very fanciful to make somebody "above the law" when they are paying people to protect their interests, and it really shows just "how powerful" they were.  If no Police were on the payroll, how long would they have been at liberty?  No tip-offs, no warnings, no taking villains off the streets with unimpeachable information, they being constantly under surveillance and raided often.  It is amazing what conclusions you can come to, when you take off the rose-tinted glasses!

    Now we have PR bullshit merchant Max Clifford, claiming celebrities are flocking to him, afraid of being "caught up" in the Saville scandal.  Hmmm!  Seems like a whole lot of guilty consciences.    "How can you expect them to remember things they did forty years ago?"  Well, if they cannot "remember what they did forty years ago" how do they know they were screwing underage girls?  What was allegedly acceptable all those years back, is certainly not now, hence the panic.  Scared celebrities?  At the end of the day, the law is the law, no matter who you are.