Monday, 8 October 2012

More Undercover stories

If anybody follows what I write, it is all a bit haphazard.  I simply write about whatever I feel on different criminal subjects.  So it does not follow any pattern.  In my last piece, I wrote about some undercover stories that have hit the big time.  There is one story that I came across on the Crime & Investigation Network, on satellite.  This involved an amazing U/C agent in the States.  He was getting the confidence of major drug pushers and was getting them sent down for very heavy sentences.  The Judge that the defendants appeared in front of, was a "Maximum John" style of Judge, in which he handed down the maximum sentence he was allowed to do by state or federal law.  People with small amounts of drugs were receiving sentences of twenty and thirty years plus.  But all this came tumbling down, when it was discovered that the people being sent to prison were barely scratching a living.  One aging man was living in a ramshackle house, yet he was portrayed as the "Local Mr Big" living in squalor to fool the authorities!

    An investigation was launched and it was soon established that these people were poor people and that they had been set-up by the U/C agent.  He was passing drugs to them, only small amounts, but it was enough for him to claim that these were major criminals in the area, and they were soon being arrested and sent to jail for a very long time.  His excuse for his actions was that he wanted to show his bosses, "just how good he was!"  

    One former U/C agent who has shunned anonymity is Peter Bleksey, a man who did go after major villains and did get them.  He has not shirked from showing his face to anybody and has featured in numerous TV documentaries and radio interviews.  He went after villains with intent to get real solid evidence to ensure the convicted stayed convicted.