Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Bank Job Film

It is remarkable that certain elements in films based on true events, are broadcast as fact.  One recent film that is based on a true crime with elements of it peddled as fact is "The Bank Job"  This was a raid on a bank in London in 1971, where the villains tunneled into it over a weekend, and a story sprung out, that the villains found highly compromising photographs of Princess Margaret were found.  The film portrays the villains as being allowed to get away Scot-free, in order to avoid a huge scandal.  I regard this as total bullshit.

    Let us start with a few facts.  Firstly, the robbers DID NOT get away with it.  They were quickly apprehended and all were jailed. That destroys that tale.  In the film, a Jamaican called Michael X somehow comes into possession of the photos, and Michael X is portrayed as a gangster.  Again, this is totally untrue.  As John O`Connor, the head of the Flying Squad at the time, said, that Michael X was never more than a small-time drug pusher and hustler.  He also stated that X never had a safety deposit box at that bank.  Why would he? He was strictly a nobody.  The only claim to fame he had was that in 1975, he was back in Jamaica, committed a murder and was subsequently hanged for it.  Jamaica still had the death penalty at that time.  No doubt this was another subversion of the truth by the Government.  Sure!  Four years after the job.

    Let us continue.  George Mcindoe, the film`s producer, claimed that a "D" notice was served on the press to gag them.  What is a "D" Notice?  It is NOT a government order.  It is simply a request to keep things quiet, particularly in sensitive Police operations.  Certainly, there has been a flood of old journalists coming forward to state that the Government and the Police issued an official warning of silence over this affair.  Actually, there has n `t. 

    Now we turn our attention to Mcindoe himself and his claims.  He claims that he was introduced to the actual robbers, through criminal acquaintances, and that they showed him the photos.  Now, do you believe that villains who pulled a highly elaborate and lucrative robbery, are simply going to say to a total stranger, "Hi there.  We pulled off this blag and look at these pictures of Margaret being shagged!"  Of course you are free to believe this, and that all and sundry knew who pulled the job, which would naturally come to the attention of informers, who would immediately pass this on to their Police handlers,because this would boost their credibility skywards.  And then, what about the rest of the Underworld?  Would they simply stand by and allow others with highly incriminating and profitable photos?  Would they be moving in on the robbers, take the photos, and then carry out the next logical step?  That is, to eliminate these people.  Two gangs of villains can keep a secret if one is wiped out.  

    It was claimed that the robbers "Did not know what to do" with these pictures.  Really?  The best "Get out of jail" card you could possibly possess?  Photos that could net you fortune sold around the continent and the USA!  There is actually a reasonable explanation for alleged photos.  At the time, blackmail was a highly profitable business, and where else could blackmailers leave their wares in safety!  That`s right.  A safety deposit box!  To finish off, John O`Connor interviewed the men and asked about any supposed photos, as this was being spoken about a lot.  The villains denied all knowledge of them, stating that it was a made up story.  So much for the best "Get out of jail free" cards.  What do you think?