Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Blogging Game

Whilst we are all going mad on our own personal blogspots, it is sobering to think that it can be viewed as more than a hobby or past-time.  One of the most popular Police blogs was "Coppersblog" which has now closed down.  It was not very well received by the hierarchy of the Police because it unfortunately told the truth about Law and Order.  Another popular blog was "Nightjack"  This was witten by a ranking officer.  But, lo and behold, a heroic journalist set out to expose this heinous officer.  He relentlessly delved until he unearthed the name and rank of "Nightjack"  It turned out that it was a DI from a Lancashire Force.  He was hauled across the coals and the site shut down.  Wow!!  What a hero!  He really showed his true journalistic skills by almost losing a dedicated cop his job and pension.  He must be so proud!!

    I am not sure if this was the same journalist who uncovered, through blackmail, itself a sickening and illegal measure, just who the "Girl with the one track mind" was.  This anonymous blog and book was written by "Abby Lee"  The blog was a no holds barred account of her sex life.   Just who was this liberated woman?  Our hero had to find out.  He "acquired" her "co-operation" by threatening to reveal all to her mother and having her mothers` photo splashed all over his newspaper.  This kind of blackmail was not a crime because it did not involve money.  Again, what a hero!  The identity of the "Girl with the one track mind" was revealed as one Zoe Margolis.