Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gone but will never be forgotten - unfortunately!

Recently, there was the passing of a very notorious Bradford criminal.  This was none other than Donald Neilson, otherwise known as "The Black Panther"  Back in the mid-70`s, he was committing many burglaries and also a number of armed robberies.  He then went on to cold-bloodedly murder three men during the course of his robberies.  He also brutally pistol-whipped the wife of one of his victims, almost beating her to death.  He then committed the crime that shook the nation.  He kidnapped a teenage girl and held her to ransom.  His plot fell apart and he murdered his helpless victim.  He claimed it was an accident.  Neilson spent thirty five years in jail for the crimes he perpetrated.

    The sickening thing was that some people campaigned for his release, saying that he had served more than enough time for his crimes.  Obviously, to these fucknuts, his victims did not amount to much.  But fate came to the rescue and Neilson died behind bars.  One of the Police Officers who arrested Neilson, during an attempt by Neilson to kill him and his partner, did have something to say about him.  He described him as the most dangerous man he has ever faced in his whole life.  This would not mean much to the professional apologists, whom only have one goal in life, and this is to excuse the actions of vicious scum.