Sunday, 7 October 2012

Unsolved Murder

A part of crime that fascinates me is the solving of long forgotten cases.  In the USA, many Police forces have what are known as "Cold Case" squads, who investigate long dead cases,. Just like the TV show "New Tricks"  One case in this country which I can find no information about, is the murder of a garage owner in Birmingham, around 1978.  He was found in a burnt out garage, but it was only when a post- mortem discovered that he had been shot through the forehead.  This was then regarded as a gangland hit.  The newspaper reports at the time said that the Police were investigating the deceased's ` background for any possible criminal links.  All I remember is that the deceased garage owner was named Fred, but do not know if the crime was ever solved.

    Locally, there were four unsolved murders in Bradford, up to the 60`s.  One was a young girl in 1938 in Little Horton Green, Taxi driver Harry Graham, murdered outside Bierley Church in his cab, in 1944, Garner Street in 1955, and a woman in Bowling Park in 1963. The Harry Graham murder was featured in a true crime magazine.