Sunday, 4 November 2012

Awaiting New Trials

One notorious case from the U.S. that  I am waiting to hear about is the retrial of three men and a woman, in the city of Knoxville, in Tennessee.  They were convicted for the abduction, rape and horrific murder of a young couple, Chris and Channon.  The quartet were apprehended and put on trial.  It was sickening to hear the Defense lawyer give unbelievable reasons as to why the murdered couple were found in the area they were; they went looking for drugs and the girl was willing to give sex in return for drugs!  Despite this claim, he did not give a reason for the homosexual rape of the young man, and why he was sadistically beaten, had fuel poured on him and set ablaze.  The girl was gang-raped, then shoved inside a bin where she suffocated.

     During the trial, the father of the girl, was like a bomb about to explode, on hearing these claims by the Defense.  When the Jury came back in, Police stood around the father, in case he attacked the accused.  Two men and the woman were given life sentences, she - 70 years, they - no parole.  The ringleader received the Death Sentence.  however, they successfully appealed and received a ruling for a new trial.  Not hearing anything, I sent an email to the reporter who appeared in documentaries on the case.  Her name is Jamie Satterfield, a major crime reporter in East Tennessee.  She replied the next day, saying that the woman, Vanessa Coleman, has her trial on the 13th November, the others have not had a new date yet.  Miss Satterfield said that I can contact her anytime, for news on the case.  That is very good of her, and I will give an update when Iknow more.