Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Triple Murder

A truly horrific triple murder occurred off Florida in the mid - 80`s.  A man by the name of Chandler was convicted for the murders of a mother and her two teenage daughters.  he had them captive on a boat, tied up, sexually assaulted them and then attached weights with rope, around their necks and then threw them overboard.  This, as you would agree, is an extremely brutal and cold-blooded act that only a psychopath or psychotic could unflinchingly execute.  However, the Police carried out a thorough and unrelenting investigation into this slaughter of a family from Detroit.

    The suspect, Chandler, was convicted and sentenced to death.  He maintained his innocence throughout his incarceration on Death Row.  His final words before his sentence was carried out were, "You`re killing an innocent man!"  His son and daughter steadfastly maintained that their father was innocent.  They even appeared on the Maury Povich show on US TV, along with the husband and father of the victims.  What is strange, is that though they stated their father was innocent, not once did they ever visit their "innocent" father!  Indeed, throughout his time in prison, he never received one visit at all!  

    Supporters of this man say, "How could he have controlled three women?"  Simple. If he had a gun, then control was not a problem.  If he had a knife, all he had to do was keep it at the throat of one woman, and the others would comply.  It is quite simple to come up with different scenarios of how they ended up bound.  What I find horrifying, is that in turn, each woman was thrown overboard with a weight attached around their necks.  No doubt in my mind, Chandler deserved to die.