Sunday, 18 November 2012

Louis Theroux Law & Disorder

The new programme hosted by Louis Theroux in which he travels to the hotspots of the world.  In his first show, Louis travelled to Philadelphia, going out on patrol with the cops, and talking to the people they deal with.  One little area drug lord did not fit the Hollywood stereotype.  Apart from the obligatory expensive chains, he was fat, heavily tattooed, and did not look anything remotely like a casting couch extra.  It was alleged that he was responsible for two murders, but the cops could not anything as they continually ran into a wall of silence and obvious fear.  Louis  asked him how he made a living. "I am a property developer" he grandly announced, though it was difficult to see just who would have been interested in any properties in this run-down area. He also claimed to make money by selling cars!

    Louis was out on patrol with a detective, and the cop was talking as he drove, when suddenly a young guy was in front of him.  The lad had what looked like a gun tucked into his waistband.  "Don`t fucking move!" he screamed repeatedly as he jumped out of the car, as he and his partner wrestled the lad to the floor.  The gun turned out to be an imitation.  "You stupid motherfucker!" he screamed at the lad.  "I could have shot you you stupid fuck!"  They took the lad`s details and let him go.  At another incident, a crowd gathered and started arguing with the cops.  Suddenly a squad car roared up and two huge, veteran cops climbed out brandishing big clubs.  The crowd quickly dispersed.

    This cop introduced Louis to the victim of a shooting.  A drug pusher shot a woman, then shot her sister and best friend dead.  The first victim was left for dead, but survived, despite being critically wounded.  The gunman was arrested and is awaiting trial.  Louis asked the girl if she is going to testify in court.  She said she was because of her injuries, the guy also killed her sister and best friend, and she was not going to let him get away with it.  

    It was very eye-opening and is probably a blueprint for what is down the line for us over here.