Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Snapped - Women Who Kill

An interesting series on the Crime & Investigation Network is "Snapped - Women who Kill."  Most episodes feature the usual motives of getting rid of the husband simply to get their hands on the spouse`s life insurance.  Having a loving husband is not enough for some women and they obviously view a working man as not rich enough for they want a lavish lifestyle. Other women seem to have tired of the man in their life and instead of ending the relationship, it is much easier to kill them or have them killed.

    It beggars belief the lengths they will go to, and the bare-faced lies they tell to the documentary makers.  Even their lawyers come up with unbelievable excuses and manage to say them with a straight face.  One woman tried to recover a murder weapon, a gun, from a large pond, and was covertly filmed by the Police, who had already found the weapon.  Subterfuge was used to get her to try and recover it, to prevent the Police from pointing the finger at her, and she walked right into a sting operation.  Even in court, she came up with an excuse that she heard that it was in the pond and she wanted to recover it, to help the Police.  She spent her time actually in the pond, using a stick to try and find it, completely in the area of the pond that she had dumped it.  All caught on camera.

    One case that really sticks out for sheer greed was an arson that claimed the life of a man.  The Fire Chief could not find any trace of arson, so the cops brought in a highly experienced Fire Investigator who had incidentally written SIX books on arson investigation.  He discovered two fire start points, one effectively cutting off the victim`s escape.  His evidence sealed her fate despite all claims that she was a victim of the Police and the Fire Investigator.  What the dead man did not know was the number of different life insurance policies that his wife had taken out on him.  Within hours of the blaze, she was on the phone to them asking for payment on the policies.  One company asked her about how he had died; she replied that he was probably still smouldering.  Boys beware!