Sunday, 13 September 2015

What is the Truth? Why is it Painful?

My post about Mick Tierney & Rab Carruthers has stirred up some comments.  As is clear, the information was given to me by the Tierney family.  They are entirely their comments.  And anybody is entitled to refute them!  But I wish people would back it up with something, other than "This is crap......."  I want to make some observations on this subject that are actually common sense comments.  Carruthers did have a fearsome reputation, yet he had to do Tierney with a chopper.  The Tierneys say the weapon was smuggled in by a woman then passed to Carruthers, who got Tierney drunk.  If so, why did he need a chopper?  Why did he need to get him drunk?  Why was the attack, literally from behind?  

    Tony "Gang Boss" Lambrianou once mentioned Albert Donoghue receiving a severe beating.  Why did the heroes responsible wait for many years before confronting an old and slowed down man?  Were they frightened that years earlier they would not have chanced it, as Donoghue openly admitted he could easily get a gun and shoot somebody dead?  At least he was honest about it.  Has anybody read the autobiography of David (Darth Vader) Prowse?  Working in a theatre, he was asked by his agent to go to an East End pub and speak to a man named Ronnie Kray, who would tell him what he wanted him to do.  He duly went and was told by this Ronnie guy to have a drink and have a sit down. The pub had a number of men in it as big as him, but he said, were really ugly.  After a couple of hours, he had to get to a theatre he was appearing at.  Kray thanked him for his time and paid him.  Prowse later asked his agent what it was all about.  The reply was the Krays were expecting a raid from a rival gang and had hired all the biggest men they could find, in case it did go off.  Not very good for what Kray claimed in "My Story" as the firm being one of the most feared gangs in Europe!

    Let us go back in time to just after the mid-1950`s when Underworld boss Jack Spot was attacked by Fraser and other men.  Fraser had a weapon, was team handed, and put Spot in hospital.  In front of his wife.  Not standing by the "code" of women being there.  Then again,Barbara Ibbotson was twice attacked with razors over the Pen Club incident.  "We do not involve women & children" has long been the boast.  Sure.  Back to Spot.  Was he still able to give a good smack, so it had to be done mob handed?

    Around here, a number of years back, a guy was accused of trying it on with a drunken woman, wife of a violent thug.  The victim told me himself that he saw her home safely, but she later accused him of impropriety.  The victim knew the husband, and what he was like.  He was in a pub with the husband, who had three or four of his friends with him, and they kept buying him drinks all night.  When they left and were someplace quiet, the guy was hit from behind, and whilst unconscious on the floor, was severely done.  He spent some months in hospital, but refused to talk to Police.  I asked him why.  "I do not involve Police in my problems" was the reply.  On top of that, I have been told two exceedingly unflattering stories about this thug, which I do not know if they are true or not.  The usual crowd would be screaming, "Not true. He would never do that!"  But these tales are doing the rounds. They MIGHT be true. They might not 

    Truth is always a loser, particularly in American courts, where defence lawyers will go to any lengths, and produce the most absurd and ridiculous explanations, in order to get an acquittal.