Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Riverside Prostitute Killer

This offender is yet another one that comes into the category of "I cannot believe it is him.  He does not look the sort!"  A predator who pulled the wool over everybody's`s eyes, with his quiet demeanour and helpful ways to all his neighbours.  He was involved in his local community, he had eye catching cars, but he had a dark side to his character.  It is like a good looking man in court on rape charges.  His attorney would be saying "Look at this man.  Does he need to rape?"  As if his looks instantly guarantee a woman lowering her panties!  But when he is rejected......  William Suff was a 41 year old Government clerk, working in Riverside County, in California.  Suff certainly had a passion for one thing; impersonating Police Officers.  He later developed a very deadly second.  What Suff`s neighbours did not know, was that he was an ex-convict.  Nothing truly wrong in that.  Except for what he was jailed for.  Back in 1974, he and his wife were convicted of killing their two month old daughter, whilst residing in Texas.  He received 70 years, yet in one of those truly appalling acts of judgement by a parole board, he was released after just ten years.

    Suff relocated to California, to Riverside County, in 1984.  Soon, bodies of prostitutes started being found dumped amongst the orange groves.  He drove around the red light area in a van, carefully selecting a victim, and then pouncing.  Once they were in his van, he subjected them to rape, stabbing, strangulation, and if that was not enough, mutilation.  Police set up a squad to try and catch this serial killer.  Suff, being a stock clerk, once delivered some furniture to the squad actively hunting him!  But, as in many cases, sheer luck brings a felon to justice.  Suff was pulled over in a traffic stop and a look in the van by Officers, resulted in his arrest.  Evidence was obtained from the van interior, leading to Suff facing twelve murder charges.  August 17th 1995, a jury convicted him on all twelve counts, with him receiving the Death Penalty.  He is still on Death Row at San Quentin.  Police believe he may have murdered more than twenty women, and also believe he cooked some of his victims` body parts for food, served at an office party!!  At least he will not be out on the streets!