Thursday, 10 September 2015

Lance Kirkpatrick - Killer Rapist

Lance Kirkpatrick has been lucky to avoid a death sentence in Duval County in Jacksonville in Florida.  He was convicted of the savage rape and murder of Kim Dorsey, 38, in her home.  She was viciously beaten with fists, a pool cue and then had her throat slashed.  Kirkpatrick was trapped after his DNA was found inside Mrs Dorsey, and underneath her fingernails, where she had fought him.  Police believed he broke into her home in order to steal property to sell, so he could settle a drug debt.  Kirkpatrick made the unbelievable claim that her death was accidental!  

    The 33 year old claimed that he was having an affair with Mrs Dorsey, and that a fight broke out after he told her that he had made arrangements for her husband to have sex with a number of other men!!!   Obviously, as Mrs Dorsey was not in court to refute these allegations, he and his lawyer were free to make whatever ridiculous claims they desired.  But with good sense, the Jury threw it out and convicted him of rape and murder.  They did not want to recommend a death sentence and instead voted for life without parole.  It makes your blood boil to see what garbage defence lawyers will come up with, simply to get their client off.  There is no such thing as right and wrong.  There was a case in which a pathologist would not give answers a defence lawyer wanted to hear, so he openly accused him of making it up as he went along.  Naturally, the defence got hold of a pathologist willing to go their route, but the state won their case in the end.