Thursday, 3 September 2015

James Oliver Huberty - Spree Killer

Another less well known US spree killer - certainly over here - was James Oliver Huberty, 41, who ran amok in a McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, only a couple of hundred yards from his home. Huberty hailed from Canton in Ohio, and studied at the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.  It was here that he met his wife, named Etna.  He then started a career, first as an undertaker, then becoming a welder for a number of years.  This was curtailed by an injury, preventing him from carrying on his trade so he found work as a security guard.  Huberty was one of that group of people known as "Survivalists" who keep a huge stock of food and equipment in preparation of the downfall of the nation, through economic collapse.  Huberty`s mental state was deteriorating.  He was violent to his wife, but confessed he was extremely worried over his mental state.  As happens in situations like these, despite the warnings, they receive no help.

    Huberty had made his mind up.  He treated his family to a day out at San Diego Zoo, and then returned to the family home.  He loaded up with a small arsenal weapons and ammunition.  He told his wife "I am hunting humans!"  He then walked into a nearby restaurant and opened fire on everybody.  Not even a toddler was exempt.  When it was over, 21 people were dead and 19 wounded.  Huberty was taken out with a single shot by a SWAT officer.  Yet another example of people being allowed to amass a small armoury.