Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Anthony Jackson - Serial Killer

This is a case that showed that the so-called "Boston Stranglings" - a case that still divides opinions.  Some firmly believe that Albert DeSalvo was the Strangler whilst many others believe there were several killers at large.  But in the early 1970`s, Boston was plagued by another series of murders, namely those attributed to the "Hitchhiker Murderer."  This monicker was through that a number of the victims were known to have hitched a lift either to school or to their job.   One victim was Ellen Reich.  This young woman from Emerson College was discovered in a closet in an empty apartment in Seaver Street, in the Roxbury district.  An autopsy revealed that sexual activity had taken place before her murder but it was unknown if it was consensual or rape.  Ellen had been strangled, then shot.

    Another victim was Damaris Gillespie, 22.  This young lady was seen on November 29th 1972, and then she was discovered more than twenty miles away in Billerica, on February 8th 1973.  The Cambridge student had been strangled.  A  Police Officer on routine patrol had seen a man in driving a Cadillac, pestering a young girl walking down the street.  Officer Conroy stepped in, but upon seeing him, the perpetrator sped off.  During the chase, the driver fired at Police, and one officer returned fire, hitting the driver, and arrested him.  It was December 26th 1973.  He was Anthony Jackson.  This murderer had an exceptionally high I.Q. but despite having the intelligence to reach any goal, he was a man who operated as a pimp and had a serious taste for violence and cruelty to women.  He was convicted of a number of murders and received life without parole.  Jackson has been linked to as many as twenty seven homicides, all the victims were young women.  Police believe one victim was deposited in foundations of a building that was ready to be concreted over, in the Cambridge district.  At least he is out of the way.