Thursday, 28 April 2011


Away from the deluded and the shallow in Ellesmere Port, there are doses of reality that show the true ugliness of crime today.  One case was from 2001/2002.  A gang of drug pushers beat some lad to death, though I cannot remember the full details of the motive behind it.  He was bundled into a boot of a car, driven so far through the Shell Oil Refinery at Stanlow, dragged out, severely beaten, thrown back into the boot.  They then carried on driving through the refinery and turned off a small road that took you into the small village of Ince.  They stopped, dragged him out, battered him some more and then left him in a lay-by.  He staggered to a house, or was found by somebody, bringing an ambulance and the Police.  He died in hospital.  Diligent Police work brought this small gang to justice, though not all were convicted.

    Another case was that of a man used as muscle by a moneylender.  I had heard about this man, though never actually seen him.  It seems that quite a number of people feared him for his violence.  What brought about his downfall was a dispute with his girlfriend, and he stabbed her.  He received fifteen years for attempted murder!  You get the impression that this man would have resorted to knives and other weapons if he had to face a man who could dish some stick out.  Exactly like a man who was called a "top legend" and "proper hardman" by notorious jailbird Michael Peterson or Charles Bronson, as he likes to be called.  This man is in reality a notorious police informer, and the police have gone to great lenghts to protect him.  He has also been subjected to many, many beatings from others, over the years.  This was not due to his role as a grass, it was because he was an out and out troublemaker. I will deal with this man in another post.

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