Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More from Birkenhead

Birkenhead has long been a rough, tough town.  It`s traditions go way back as a sea town, with the Cammel Lairds shipyard, though this has virtually vanished through decline in shipbuilding.  There was a newspaper report that in around 1950, there was far more attacks on people in the street, in Birkenhead, than anywhere else in the country.  Even in cities like London, Liverpool, or Birmingham and Manchester.

    An attack in a pub did make national headlines in about 1979.  Three men in balaclavas, stormed into a pub in Morton, wielding pickaxe handles and set about crippling two men stood at the bar.  As people fled the packed pub, they started smashing the place up after finishing with the two victims.  It was unknown at the time, what the attack was over.

    My friend Dave told me about a certain pub near the docks.  This was the Dock Hotel.  Yet, throughout Birkenhead it was known as "The Blood Tub" owing to the amount of fights that broke out in there, virtually every night!  Dave knew a barmaid who worked in there for many years, and said that she had to wash her blouses every night, as she always had blood spattered over it.  It seems incredible that it retained a licence for many years.  When anybody wanted to get a taxi to the place, you asked the cabby to take you to "The Blood Tub!"