Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The other side of the coin

When an awful event occurs, your immediate thoughts are what did the principals characters go through.  When it is a brutal murder, your mind cannot comprehend the sickening brutality that the victim endured.  Yet, it can transpire that the victim was no angel, and falls into the category of "Live by the sword, die by the sword"!

    With one particular victim, I will not believe that the Police did not investigate his background.  What drove the perpetrators to carry out this crime?  What was there in his background that put him in the firing line?  What did he have to hide?  They must have gone out to the streets to question their informers and contacts.  They would have discovered much that would be preferred to be kept out of the media.  Just after it happened, one man said to me, "********(The victim) has been crossing people up for years.  Somebody has decided that enough is enough".  Other sources have said that what they had heard on the grapevine was the man was a drug financier.  Another man told me a tale that showed that the man was nothing more than what was known as a "Thief`s Ponce"!  This was a criminal who stole from other lawbreakers.  Obviously, the man would have very careful about he went up against, as there are plenty of people who would not stand for it.  The tale about robbing off others, stemmed from an old abandoned building that enterprising lads would strip various metals and electrical wire from this building and take it to a metal recycler, for some cash.  One day, a lad and his mate got some metal and wire from this building and were on their way to the scrapyard, when they were stopped by *******, backed up by a couple of men.  They took the waste from them and took it to be weighed in.  He would cross people up even for metals that come to small monetary amounts.  Apparently, he grandly announced that the vacant building was now "His building"!  Talk about delusions of grandeur!  It seems that he could not have robbed sweets from a child without backup.   He was a man with no physical presence.  He needed people behind him  in everything.  One woman who knew him summed him up thus : "He was a horrible bastard"!

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