Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Gangland - The TV series

This documentary series shows the complete change to the face of Gangland in the United States.  This series does not bother with the Mafia.  It shows all the different mafias that are now running the streets.  The Russians, Latinos, Bikers, black neighbourhood gangs, prison gangs, skinhead groups, Chinese, Vietnamese, and any other ethnic groups.  Outside the huge corporate crime that La Cosa Nostra was known for, garment, garbage, gambling, loansharking, etc, the bigmoneymaker is drugs,and that is firmly in the hands of the new generation of criminals.  There cannot be the revered "street tax" that was levied on criminals in Chicago and Philadelphia opereating these days as I cannot see a load of young hoodlums handing over lots of cash to Italians, because they have been ordered to.  All I could see would be a mass killing of Italians.  These guys would cut everybody in sight down, even the mob soldiers` families.  Nobody would be off-limits.  It would be open season.