Thursday, 28 April 2011

People in Fantasyland

With the current obsession with celebrity at any cost, it is not surprising what lenghts people will go to, to attract attention and a fanclub.  The most obvious person is one Dave Courtney, the man who allegedly "controls" Virgin Books.  This is a comment that has produced howls of laughter from the publishing world.  Yet, there are people that actually believe it!  This is a man who will do anything for publicity.  He charges outrageous amounts of money for his "time" and any trinkets bearing his name.  He also put a video on Youtube showing him in the back of a vehicle with a large waterpistol and showering old people stood at bus stops with water.  What a hero!  Something for the braindead supporters he has to cheer and applaud.  He claims that he was under 24 hour observation by Police for long periods of time.  Well, I suppose his fanclub need to believe in this incredible waste of police time and manpower, investigating the biggest fantasist and bullshit merchant Britain has probably produced.

    What we have not heard about from his mouth or his supporters, has been his bankruptcy case.  Hhhmmm!  Not a pleasant dose of reality for the intellectually challenged.  A man who claims to have committed two murders!!  Strange how the Police have not been beating on his door, wanting to question him about these clearly apalling acts.  Shows how much stock they take on what dribbles from his mouth.  He also claimed he was to be the fourth man in the Range Rover when the other three occupants were slaughtered in a hit.  Others have claimed that they were supposed to have been in that vehicle that night.  Easy to see how a man needing any publicity as oxygen, would jump on any bandwagon.