Friday, 30 October 2015

"....... therefore I am nothing"

Sorry for being offline again, but my first post back is a summarisation of something that has burned at me for some years.  I once tried to ghost a book about somebody but later made numerous discoveries in regards to my subject.  I later put on an old blog that a number of his stories were total bollocks - I admit I made many mistakes but I was a complete novice at this game.  I rebutted a number of his tales with facts I uncovered, but some crying fucker corresponded back that I was nothing whilst his hero was something special.  He certainly said nothing about what I wrote - no surprises there. I am nothing?  Ok then.

    I am not a criminal, therefore I am nothing.  I am not a jailbird, therefore I am nothing.  I have no criminal record, therefore I am nothing.  I am not an out and out liar, bullshit merchant and fantasist, therefore I am nothing.  I do not alter military history in order to put myself in combat zones that I was never involved in, therefore I am nothing.   I do not immerse myself into other people's`s stories, therefore I am nothing.  I do not proclaim myself to be a "legend" therefore I am nothing.  I do not claim to have been involved in armed robberies, shootings and other assorted bouts of mayhem but refuse to backup my claims, therefore I am nothing.  I do not throw screaming fits when somebody has the audacity to ask "who are you?" therefore I am nothing.  Many people rely on me in my job, and repay me with small tokens of appreciation, especially at christmas, therefore I am nothing.  My apologies for this small rant but it has bugged me for a long time and I always wanted to get it off my chest.