Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ted Bundy - An Opinion

There has been so much written and broadcasted about one Theodore Robert Bundy - born Cowell - and many have come up with different explanations for his subsequent rampage.   One consistent theory is that when he found out he was illegitimate, this changed his mindset.  Many children are born out of wedlock, and how many of them turn into monsters?  To me, it is how you deal with it.  When a small child, whilst an aunt slept, Bundy place knives all around her with the points sticking at her.  Warning sign?  He became a peeping tom.  Author, the late Ann Rule, believed Bundy committed his first murder in 1961 at the age of 15.  A child of around eight years of age.  The general consensus is that his victims starting in 1974, were his revenge against Stephanie Brooks, the woman who rejected him.  Yes, there were many similarities; long hair parted in the middle, young and attractive.  Young women started disappearing, including a girl of 4.  Were these early victims of Bundy?

    Yet Bundy was a trailblazer.  He was the personification of "How can this young, good looking, intelligent man, be this monster?"  It is like a man on trial for rape and his lawyer tells the jury, "Does this man need to rape?"  Yes, he does, if a woman has the audacity to reject him!  And proof of this was the amount of women who flocked to his trial.  But one fact was not revealed for a very long time.  He had decapitated the heads off five women and kept them.  When they were found, they were all decaying at the same time, indicating he had kept them refrigerated or frozen.  He went back to his victims, redoing their hair and make-up, having sex with some of their bodies.  Look at his attacks on the campuses.  Revenge on Stephanie Brooks or just pure evil?  He used his time working in politics, law school, and for the Samaritans, to lie, manipulate and deceive people.

    In the final interview he gave before his execution, it was to Dr James Dobson, a preacher or evangelist.   Naturally, he told Dobson what he wanted to hear.  It was totally different to what he said to BAU man Bill Hagmeier.  He admitted that he was completely responsible, planned the murders, selected his victims and then killed them.  To Detective Robert Keppel, he talked in graphic details of other murders that sickened Mr Keppel, who simply got up and walked away, not having any more to do with him.  He blamed it all on pornography, starting with magazines in stores and progressing to harder stuff.  Author Stephen Michaud, who grew up in the same town as Bundy, around the same time, totally disputes Bundy`s claim of soft core magazines in the shops.  He says that they were not around, and Playboy had only just started being sold.  But dear old Teddy did drop a clue, completely ignored by the anti-porn crusaders.  He avidly read detective magazines.  These had covers featuring women in peril, bound and gagged, knives held at their throats, blouses open showing some cleavage.  The mental images would be stronger than a simple picture of a woman with her tits out.  Of course, now with the internet, there is no comparison or limits. And porn does convey a false message about women.

    But at least on January 24th 1989, Starke Prison ended his reign of murder and manipulation.  Robert Ressler stated that Bundy was the only killer that scared him.  But let us not forget the women he slaughtered. Lynda Healy, Donna Manson, Susan Rancourt, Roberta Parks, Brenda Ball, Georgann Hawkins, Denise Naslund, Janice Ott, Caryn Campbell, Laura Aimee, Debra Kent, Melissa Smith, Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman, Kimberley Leach, et al.