Saturday, 31 October 2015

The Three Day Week Murder

Way back in the glorious days of the early seventies when we had a three day week, power cuts, shortages, and all manner of things industrial heading down the pan, was the backdrop to a savage murder.  Kay O`Connor, a 37 year old typist, had done a deed for her mother on March 1st 1974.  She had collected her pension for her from the local post office in Colchester, but decided to first, go back to her own home, just a couple of doors away.  Like many others, she was working a short week due to a shortage of orders at the clothing factory she worked at.

    It was just after 4pm that a neighbour made an horrific discovery.  Mrs O`Connor was lying in a pool of blood.    A bloody knife was lying near her body, and it was determined that she had sustained a brutal assault, in which she had been stabbed, punched, kicked and strangled.  Enquiries brought a description of a man seen near her home, but the assailant has never been caught.  It was believed that he watched Mrs O`Connor draw the pension, followed her home and then gained entry to her home, and attacked her.  Was it a robbery gone wrong?  If so, then why the overkill of violence?  These days, it would be automatically assumed the assailant would be a junkie desperate for a fix.  But could it have been the same back then?  After all, there were enough junkies about, but it was never broadcast loudly like it is now.  More than forty years on, the families need answers, and if anybody knows something, then please call the Police.  And help put a killer away.