Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Possession - Then Death Follows.

It never ceases to astonish me just how jealousy and total possession can drive somebody to kill, simply for the sake of controlling a partner.  I have witnessed some acts of violence and aggression out delivering the mail.  One lad was arguing with his girlfriend, and he butted her!  Further up the road, she had her arm around him!  Then one lad, yesterday, was kicking and throwing some punches at this girl, yet seconds later, she was kissing him!  It seems that some women enjoy being punch bags, but there are those who are too afraid to say "no more. I am not putting up with this anymore!"  There is no doubt how the man will react to this betrayal.  Threats and violence.  A female has dared to stand up to a male.  He is going to lose the person he controls.   Is there another girl willing to put up with his aggression?  It is not about love.  It is about total control.  He wants to demonstrate to his friends how she does what he tells her.  She is his possession.  On the other hand, there was a woman who worked as a model and her boyfriend was very possessive and jealous.  But my oh my, she discovered that her jealous and very possessive man was in fact, screwing her best friend!  She upped and went.  I must admit I found it amusing as she tended to look down her nose....

    Why have I started off with this?  Jealousy and possessiveness abound in murder cases for centuries and the old green-eyed monster has a lot to answer for.  The case of Jeremy Akers, from Mississippi, springs to mind.  Akers came from an ordinary working class family, but he had a problem about his size.  So he pushed himself as hard as he could to achieve the best of everything.  But he went at it too hard.  To be the best came before anything else.  He was labelled an overachiever.  He obtained the highest grades, became a bodybuilder - what is the point of "being the best" but not having the body to go with it?  He was a fanatical competitor at everything. (Think of Monica in "Friends")  Akers was able to graduate from Law School and then join the military, doing tours of duty in Vietnam.  When he left the military, he married, but the in-laws hated him because of his attitude and abruptness and behaviour.  He became a very domineering, jealous and possessive man.  His over the top masculinity became a joke.  Somewhere along the line, matters were going to deteriorate.

    His wife had given birth to their third child but suffered from depression and gained weight.  Like a caring man, Akers constantly criticised her over her weight gain, so she did all she could to get it back to her usual level.  This included cosmetic surgery.  But she still was unhappy.  But something came over the hill that brightened her day.  A truck driver she befriended.  Akers thought there was more to their friendship than a love of writing.  Soon, she filed for divorce, left Akers, and lived with the truck driver.  Akers said he would kill her rather than have a divorce.  This turned into reality, when he persuaded her to return to the family home to discuss what to sort out in the divorce settlement.  Once there, Akers shot her to death, then later, shot himself dead.  Was he delusional?  No chance!  He persuaded her to return home, showing clear thinking and the murder was planned.  A rational decision to kill.  Any sympathy?  For her, not him.