Monday, 30 May 2011

Young Guns

The changing tide of the criminal world is now so different from a couple of decades ago.  The bulk of credit card fraud is committed by East Europeans, most prostitution is controlled by Albanians, heroin big boys are the Turks, so the British are not in control like they used to be.  Now the streets are being taken over by young, armed street gangs, who have no fear for the law or other criminals.  If there is any bother, they simply just shoot the problem.  The "Old School" criminals are out in the cold and have to rely on memories of the past, and how "great it was back then."  It seems that these shores are moving closer to a British "Wild West."

    These young guns are now taking over in cities and towns, even in supposedly quiet ones, although in the new book "Young Guns" it mentions two areas in Bradford, Manningham and Holmewood.  There has been far more gun incidents in the area surrounding where I live, than in Holmewood.  None of these bucks are going take older criminals seriously, whatsoever.  They are done and spent, in their view, relying on old reputations to keep them up.