Sunday, 29 May 2011

Delusional fool

Well, what can we say about that "hero" of the Underworld, Dave "The dodgy one" Courtney?  He is facing having "Camelot" his end terrace "Castle" repossessed, and is pleading on his facebook page for donations.  He has had an offer from writer Bernard O`Mahoney, which could halt his financial problems, but this presents a huge problem.  He has to stop spouting bullshit, which of course, his troglodyte fan club laps up, and tell THE TRUTH!  Oh dear.  What is this delusional retard going to do?  The offer of £25,000 is so Courtney can give all the details of his alleged court appearance for murder, in which our hero was acquitted.  Naturally, this very generous offer has been rebuffed with all manner of excuses, because the simple truth is, this king of the bullshitters, cannot substantiate his claims.  He relies on the "If I say it happened, then it is true" line of crap, that he specialises in.  Of course, the Police are behind this wicked conspiracy to destroy him because they have never been able to convict him.  Yes, the binman is the real Teflon Don!"  Despite all the crap he spouts, there are many who believe every word that dribbles from his mouth.  Who could forget his heroic deeds of spraying water over pensioners at bus stops?  One day, the mentally retarded just might wake up and see him and people like him, for what they really are.