Thursday, 12 May 2011

The cult of celebrity

This is a phenomenon that has taken off in the last ten years, as people will do anything to achieve their fifteen minutes of fame.  What about the son of a legendary footballer having a reality show to see if he can go fifty days without having sex!  What a concept!!  He only becomes a "celebrity" due to his father.  What about a load of garbage about the brother of a soap star.  He had problems with dealing with being the brother of Eastenders star Leslie Grantham, alias "Dirty Den".  Oh the poor bastard was having a hard time because bruv was a TV star.  When author Derek Lister told me he was thinking of doing a second book of "Bradford`s Own", the hero of Bradford asked me, "Am I going to be in it?"  Yeah, right.  A true star and celebrity.

    Then we come to the warped and twisted minds of countless thousands who "mourned" the self-inflicted death of double murderer Raoul Moat.  The sick spectacle of people going on pilgrimages to the spot where he topped himself, even to the extent of taking their children with them, and preaching to them what a real "hero" he was.  Of course the fact that he brutally murdered his former girlfriend and the new man in her life, and almost slain a policeman who simply was in the wrong place at the wrong time, was of no consequence.  This gave rise to a wave of female misogyny  unseen or unheard of.  Warped women telling their offspring that this woman deserved to die, due to "what she did to their hero".  It is surprising to just what depths the human element can sink.  It seems that to fill their empty lives, they have to resort to acts that display what we can expect from their children.  Sick, isn`t it?