Sunday, 29 May 2011

Liverpool Again

Talking to my brother-in-law, and the casual mention of a former car salesman brought some very interesting stories.  It started when I recalled being in a BMW with **** ****** and feeling like Steve Martin in the film with John Candy.  Martin told some tales about Mr ******.  He is doing a stretch in jail over money scams involving cars.  Apparently he owed a lot of money to a well known and notorious family from Liverpool.  A lad walked into his office, asked for their money, and when told he did not have it, the lad stabbed him, with the warning the next would be fatal.  His youngest brother is also in jail, and the other brother has supposedly done a runner, after having his front door blown apart with a shotgun.  The central character, years back, crossed up a notorious mob from Manchester and received a tap on the head with a shovel, for his troubles.  This tale was related to me by a man I worked for, for a good number of years, and had dealings with this Manchester crowd.