Monday, 7 December 2015

The Execution 0f Willie Trottie

Another tv show following in the footsteps of  "Most Evil" that was hosted by the brilliant Dr Michael Stone, is called "Inside the Mind of a Murderer," hosted by a Dr Michelle Ward.  She does not seem to be all that impressive, certainly not in the league of Dr Stone.  She interviewed a man facing execution for a shooting slaughter, and listened to his relentless excuses.  She did not believe anything he said, but she seemed to put forward excuses for his rampage.  Willie Trottie was a control freak, who had a very volatile relationship with Barbara Canada, had a child between them, but she ended up taking out a restraining order on him.  Trottie admitted that he hit Barbara a number of times but claimed she pushed and provoked him into lashing out.

    He was recorded issuing a death threat to Barbara and her family, if she did not return to him.  Anybody with the tiniest brain could work out that she dared to leave him, and he could not abide it.  He went to her home in Houston ARMED WITH A GUN.  He claimed it was for his own protection!!!!!!!  He shot her brother, seriously wounding him.  He then proceeded to shoot and wound her sister and mother.  All in self defence of course!!!!  He cornered Barbara in a bedroom and shot her.  But her brother, despite his injuries, managed to get a gun and shot Trottie three times, catching him in the legs.  Trottie staggered into the living room and cold bloodedly shot the brother twice in the head.  He then went back into the bedroom and emptied the gun in Barbara.  He shot her ELEVEN times!!!  He then left and drove to hospital to get his wounds treated. Two cold blooded murder and two attempted murders, and he tried to make out he was a wronged man.  Barbara and her family were to blame for everything.  Yet, the state of Texas did not believe him for the May 1993 massacre and executed him by lethal injection.  No doubt somebody will speak up for this much "maligned" man.