Friday, 11 December 2015

Freemasonry - Is It as Innocent as It is Claimed?

There was a recent newspaper article about the alleged involvement of the Freemasons in events that have blighted this country.  Did these Brotherhoods wield such power or are conspiracy theorists desperate for people to point the finger at?  Obviously it was true that many decades ago, the members were the wealthy, powerful and influential, but now ordinary members of the public are now Masons.  It now no longer matters if the man is a cabbie or a binman.  One organisation that has long had strong links to the Lodge, is that of the Police.  Leonard "Nipper" Read recalled how he was passed over for promotion because he was NOT a Mason,  and the man who gained the promotion WAS a Mason.  The fact that he was unsuited to the post, was irrelevant.  There was a claim that you could not get into the Flying Squad in the 1960`s unless you were a Freemason.  Plenty of back scratching was obviously rampant.

    The examples cited in the article were the Ripper Murders in Whitechapel, the sinking of the Titanic and the escape of Kenny Noye, to the continent.  Let us start with Jack.  Another book is claiming that the murders were part of a Masonic plot.  The cuts in the face of one victim were Masonic marks!  Not exactly very new.  This was mooted by Stephen Knight back in the 70`s and a film made in 1978 - "Murder By Decree" starring Christopher Plummer as Sherlock Holmes and James Mason as Dr Watson.  Some of the people at the top were Masons and conspired to conceal a brother Mason.  Do I believe this?  No. Not exactly as effective as investigations today, so with a local population with a deep mistrust of authority, could Police really make effective headway?  Were these women random victims or were they targeted?  If so, why?  Never have so many potential suspects been in an area of a murder zone at the right time.  All of these theories have outlandish plots, worthy of a slot in Criminal Minds, rather than a mundane and unspectacular suspect, as Trevor Marriott has presented.  A German sailor.

    What about the Titanic?  Some of the Enquiry board were Freemasons, and so were some of the people behind the ship.  Was there a conspiracy to keep blame away from the Board of Trade, over the lack of lifeboats?  There was also the report of a fire in one coal bunker that was kept from the authorities.  My humble opinion is that this great country can never be responsible for tragedies.  Other countries cause tragedies, not the good old Brits.  There was also the claim of the ship being unsinkable.  That soon fell apart.  Something had to receive the blame, so it was the iceberg and the speed.  

    Then we come to Kenny Noye.  Did he receive help from the Brotherhood in his escape over the road rage murder?  The article mentioned his membership of a lodge.  It also mentioned his role as a police informer.  Did he receive help?  To me, the article overlooked two important words; police informer.  To a number of cops, no victim was ever as important as a grass.  Even if he was a killer.  The grass always came first.  Even if he was acquitted of the murder of a police officer.  So, if he got assistance from cops, it would have been to protect a high level informant.  This is my take on the subject.  No doubt others will disagree, but at least it makes good debate.