Monday, 7 December 2015

Russell Johnson - The Balcony Killer

This is about another serial killer that is unknown outside his own country.  In this case, it is Russell Johnson, a sick killer dubbed "The Balcony Killer" in Canada.  His reign of terror ran from 1973 to 1977, in which he ran up a body count of seven victims.  His nickname came from the fact that he used to climb up apartment buildings and try the balcony doors.  He was known to have climbed up to fifteen floors, looking for victims.  Victims suffered sodomy, strangulation, and if that was not enough, he committed necrophilia on some of his victims.  he also attacked another ten women,choking them until they passed out.  Johnson is locked up in a maximum security mental hospital in Penetanguishene, Ontario.  

    But he craved a transfer to a less secure hospital at Brockville, Ontario.  The fact that this facility housed both male and female inmates, in separate wings, though they were not locked up at night.  One objector pointed out that Johnson would have a victim pool awaiting him at Brockville.  Incredibly, one psychiatrist said that Johnson felt "very bad" about his crimes!!!  Johnson only had one aim; getting into a less secure hospital.  And women being there would have been a very nice bonus as well.  The shit hit the fan when the families of the victims heard that authorities were preparing to transfer him to a medium security hospital.  The outrage of the families and views of other professionals put a halt to this madness.  But nothing can ever be ruled out when you have maniacs telling mental health experts, what they want to hear.