Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The "Nanny State" What a load of shit!

It is interesting to hear views on the radio or tv on the debates of dealing with crime and its perpetrators.  I previously have posted about a discussion on Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 show, in which fire crews attended fires and other incidents, but were being pelted with stones and other missiles.  It was sickening to listen to some fucking dickhead carping on about "disenfranchised and marginalised youths!"  There is a simple way of explaining things: they're just fucking troublemakers.  It is pricks like these, sitting there wringing their hands and excusing thuggery, that create the mindset that these hooligans can simply do what they want.  After all, what are these dickheads going to do?  Explain to them just how bad their behaviour is?  Do me a favour!!!!!

    I recall an incident years ago, reported on Granada Reports, about an attack on a circus by a mob of hooligans.  Circus staff said that with no exaggeration, there were at least 500 yobs involved.  This happened in Liverpool.  Nowadays, they provide educational units for "special needs children."  What they really mean is troublemakers kicked out of normal school.  This is where my part comes in.  I deliver to a newly opened school for yobs, and in a week, lodged two complaints to my employer.  Pelted with stones the first time, then a gobby little twat, showing off to his buddies, gave me ten seconds to get out of the place.  No, it was not threatening but you do not have to put up with this sort of behaviour.  I stood there and let him count down to zero.  Then he threw a slow punch, just stopping it about an inch from my face.  I knew I could not react, but what was worse, a male teacher stood three feet away, and did NOTHING!  He simply said "you shouldn't dò things like that, blah, blah, blah!"  Then another behind me said "There`s two of us here"  To which I replied "It`ll fucking need the two of you!"  Then I left, getting more verbal from this mouthy little bastard.  What is incredible, is that a copper is based there. Yet, all it seems is that he tries to "talk" to them.  What he needs is a present of a boxset of "Life On Mars" and learn how to deal with shit.  Too many hand wringing wankers about making excuses for trouble.