Friday, 13 November 2015

The Killing Spree of Jennifer Sanmarco

Jennifer Sanmarco carried out a shooting spree at the U.S. mail centre where she was formerly employed, in which she shot dead six former colleagues, before turning the gun on herself.  She had already shot her old neighbour dead.  She ran the gauntlet of extremely bizarre behaviour, bringing herself into contact with Police, but despite obvious signs of extreme delusions, she remained free.  What was the cause of her mental breakdown?  Was it an inherent trait?  Bollocks - here I go again with my "trouble stirring guesswork!"  Did everyday events totally overwhelm her and distort reality in her vision?  Who was she?

    Jenny Sanmarco was born in New York on December 6th 1961, attending Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, and later going on to Brooklyn College.  However, she did not graduate.  She then worked in a number of differing jobs, such as a guard at Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Blythe.  She quit her job just a couple of days before her probationary period ended, with no explanation.  Her work was found to be good.  In the mid 90`s, she gained work as a Police dispatcher.  She passed a background check AND a psychological evaluation!  But, as in other jobs, she left that job after some months.  She was employed as a clerk at the Galeta mail centre in Santa Barbara County in California.  But she was attracting attention as she would frequently talk and argue with somebody..... that was not there.  Her behaviour turned more bizarre and unpredictable that she had to be removed from the centre by the Police.  The company paid her a psychological disability pension.

    She now moved to Milan in New Mexico, where she attempted to obtain a license to publish a newsletter entitled "The Racist Press" - she was well known for making racist comments at the mail centre - and now believed she was the victim of a conspiracy concocted by the mail centre.  Police had been called after she continuously harassed a female worker, plus, she had been reported for going to a gas station in the nude!  She had dressed herself when cops arrived on the scene.  But things changed dramatically on January 30th 2006.  She had virtually shaved all her hair off so was not immediately recognised when she made her way to the Galeta mail centre.  She gained access to the plant by driving right behind another car.  She then took an ID card from a worker at gunpoint and then made her way inside.Employees were not know that she had already killed her former neighbour, Beverly Graham, 54.  Many shots rang out, and six people died;Ze Fairchild, 37, Maleka Higgins, 28, Nicola Grant, 42, Guadalupe Swartz, 52, Dexter Shannon, 57, & Charlotte Colton, 44.  She then turned her gun on herself and ended it all.  Numerous explanations were sought.  Rambling letters were found in her home, but they did not make much sense.  This is one of those episodes in which the perpetrator truly was disturbed.