Sunday, 22 November 2015

Carroll Edward Cole - Serial Killer

How often do we hear about a person detained in a psychiatric facility, or to cut the bullshit, a secure mental hospital, is released by a review board.  This is over the objections of professionals who have seen through the facades that these people can weave, and know that people in society are going to pay for the refusal of people who are "great judges of character" to listen.  One such man was Carroll Cole, a man who later admitted to murdering thirty five women.  His rampage was finally halted on December 6th 1985, when he was executed by lethal injection at Carson City Prison.  No doubt there would have been plenty of people weeping at his death, though I doubt the families and friends of his admitted near three dozen victims, would have themselves.  He told a reporter after his conviction and death sentence that if he was ever released, he would instantly kill more women.  You cannot make it clearer than that.

    Born in 1943, Cole had spent his twenties, in out of trouble with the law.  His arrest sheet carried crimes such as, assault with intent to kill, arson, pimping & car theft.  He received a two year stint in prison in Texas.  His crime?  He attempted to murder his first wife by setting a Dallas motel ablaze with her inside.  This man had done a nice little circuit of mental institutions around the USA.  Stays in hospitals in Missouri, Nevada, California and also in Dallas in 1967 after his release from prison and a suicide attempt.  One Psychiatrist who examined him, declared him to be a menace to society.  Another stated that Cole hated the female form and wanted to kill first, then rape!  Despite these serious warnings, the good and proper people of the review board let him out.  Many women were to fall foul of this decision.

    A woman was found murdered outside a bar in Dallas on November 12th 1980.  She had been seen in the company of a man that turned out to be Cole.  When questioned about the victim who had been raped as well, he started talking about a murder Police knew nothing about.  When they started to get back to the woman in the carpark, he replied "Which one?"  He then began giving details of eight murders, but said the total was much more.  One was the murder of a woman in Oklahoma City.  His story was that he woke up in bed, next to her dead body, after picking her up in a bar.  He then committed necrophilia, claimed to have cannibalised part of her body, dismembered her and put her remains in bags, before dumping them in a rubbish skip.  Cole told the reporter that the authorities should not prolong the life of a dangerous man like himself.  The authorities agreed and 42 year old Cole received the needle.