Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders PT2

The FBI analysed a number of unsolved homicides and came to the conclusion that they were all committed by the same man.  The same man that carried out the Santa Rosa murders.  These victims were:  Rosa Vasquez, 20, whose body was discovered May 26th 1973, near to the Arguello Boulevard entrance to Golden Gate Park.  Rosa had been strangled and then thrown into shrubbery.  She had been employed at Letterman General Hospital. 2.Yvonne Quilantang was just 15 when she met her death.  She too, had been strangled.  The fact that she was seven months pregnant meant nothing to her killer.  She was discovered on October 10th 1973, in an empty lot in Bayview. 3.  Angela Thomas was 16 when her body was discovered on July 2nd 1973.  She had been smothered in a playground at Benjamin Franklin Junior High School in Daly City.  Angela had been seen the night previously in San Francisco.

    4.The next victim was 24 year old Radiographer Nancy Gidley.  Like the others, she had been strangled, and then dumped behind the gymnasium of George Washington High School on July 15th 1973.  She had also been stripped.  Nancy had served in the US Air Force for four years.  She had met family and told them that she was hoping to get a job as a freelance writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, and whilst there, she was going to be a Maid of HOnour at a friends` wedding.  But these stories were pure invention.  Why?  Nobody knows.  5.Next on the Bureau list was the murder of 22 year old Nancy Feusi, who had vanished after going out dancing at a club in Sacramento.  She was found stabbed to death on 22nd July 1973.  In 2011, at Redding, one of her five children went on trial for the torture and starvation to death of one of the daughters` own children.  Angela McNulty received the Death Penalty for the death of daughter Jeanette Maples.

    6.Laura O`Dell aged 21, went missing on November 4th 1973 and found three days later behind the Boathouse at Stow Lake, Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco.  Laura had been found with her hands tied behind her back and death was thought to have been strangulation or through a head injury.  7.  Brenda Merchant, 19, had been stabbed to death and then dumped in a ditch on February 1st 1974 at Marysville.  8.The last victim was another young girl.  Donna Braun was just 14 years of age. She had been strangled, then dumped in the Salinas River near Monterey.

    Did the Police have any suspects?  A few.  Teddy was thought to be a good one but credit card records showed that Bundy was nowhere near some of the murders when they were perpetrated.  Then comes the Zodiac.  Whoever it was.  Arthur Allen was dismissed as the Zodiac through DNA testing and hand writing analysis, despite the efforts of Robert Greysmith to go to any lengths to back up his claim that Allen was the Zodiac.  But a very plausible suspect cropped up.  And he was not a name!  He had been a creative writing tutor at Santa Rosa Junior College, who died on August 24th 1976 in a car crash on Highway 12.  After his death, drawings were discovered belonging to him that featured none other than Kim Allen.  The pictures were of a sadomasochistic nature.  Naturally, such a trait would make him a person of interest but nothing has been substantiated, so he remains simply a suspect.