Sunday, 7 June 2015

Execution of Cop Killer

March of this year saw the State of Missouri put to death a cop killer.  74 year old Cecil Clayton was the oldest person to be executed in that particular state since 1944.  What brought Clayton to the death chamber was the completely senseless murder of 29 year old Deputy Chris Castetter in November 1996.  It all that sparked it off was an argument with his girlfriend.  Clayton had a row with her at a convenience store in Barry County, and she went off.  Clayton started to look for her, and decided to see if she was at her mother's house.  The Police were called and Officer Castetter drove to the residence.  Clayton was still there as the officer pulled up.  He wound down his window to speak to Clayton who responded by drawing a firearm and cold bloodedly shot the officer in the head.

    The POlice car was found collided with a tree, it`s engine running and the wheels still spinning.  The stricken officer was rushed to hospital but died hours later.  Clayton had disappeared but started telling a friend about what he had done.  It was not long before the Police arrested him.  His death was delayed for some hours due to a final appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, however, they voted five to four in favour of the sentence of death.  Clayton`s lawyer argued that an injury to his head in the 1970`s working at a sawmill, made him mentally incompetent.  This was rejected and he was executed on March 17th 2015 by lethal injection.