Sunday, 2 December 2012

Joyce McKinney

Recently, on the front page of the Bradford Telegraph & Argus, was a headline about a Dutch born Mormon Missionary being jailed for grooming a young for sex.  This immediately brought back memories of that juicy scandal that the tabloid press just loved, The Manacled Mormon. This was back around 1977, and a blonde American woman, Joyce McKinney, had an obsession about an American Mormon missionary, Kirk Anderson. 

    It seems that she followed him to these shores from the States, and she managed to entice him into a room and she chained him to a bed.  She eventually was arrested, tried and convicted,  The press had a field day with the story.  I was always asking people if they remembered the case.  Most did not.  Some recalled the essential element; the chains.  It is nice to see a story in the press and it sets off memories of similar cases.

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