Sunday, 2 December 2012

Back To The Port Again

Time to travel back to Ellesmere Port and incidents in the past.  Back in the late 70`s, a huge gang fight took place in the town centre, involving around 150 youths and young men.  The Police simply could not cope and had to bring in reinforcements from Chester & Runcorn.  In the following court case, one name was there, and his popped up over the next number of years in the local rag involving various crimes.  One was a money snatch from the back of a motorcycle. Back in 1992, I got to know one woman, who named her ex-husband, and it was this man.  I recalled these two incidents, which she confirmed.  "You don`t know him do you?" she asked.  I did n t, but again recalled where he lived at those times, which was a couple of streets away from where I lived.

    Another big incident, happened in the early 70`s.  There was bad feeling and aggravation between two groups of men, and after some skirmishes, one group recruited a huge number of youths & men and went to the social club, down in the Stanney area of the town, where they drank.  This crowd surrounded the club making lots of noise and threats, to draw this group out, but very wisely, they stayed inside.  Many Police converged on the scene, and this crowd quickly dispersed.  The point, apparently, had been made.

    One incident which was very big, was when a Police Officer was beaten over the head, and left in a serious condition.  The Officer did make a full recovery and later returned to duty.  As to be expected, many Police were drafted in and were taking no shit off anybody. The assailant was captured, prosecuted and jailed.  The man responsible was Graham Irving, and after he was released from prison, he was monitored by the Police.  Whilst in jail, he bulked himself up on the weights, and this came to use a few years later with a violent incident down the street where I lived.  A party took place, and inevitably, a fight broke out.  It seems that a few guys attacked the host, and Irving jumped in to protect him, knocking one through a plate glass door, and hammering two more in the street.  Police arrived quickly, and I remember seeing an ambulance pass carrying a man covered in blood.  I was informed years after this, that Irving had died, no doubt the Police rejoiced.

    Another two men whose passing was not missed by many, were David Shorey and Jimmy Dore.  Shorey was a drug addict, constantly in court for various offences, mainly for theft.  He needed the money for the pusher.  One attempted theft resulted in it needing six officers to restrain him and get the cuffs on him.  His Solicitor was at his funeral.  The other, Dore, was a violent man.  One friend, a guitarist, was beaten up by three lads, so his younger brother, whom I went to school with, told me that his brother & Dore went and sorted them out.  Another tale was that in a pub, Dore was having a heavy blow-up with a smaller guy.  Somebody said that he should pick on somebody his own size.  Dore`s response was to turn around, grab the guy next to him and viciously butt him.  I read about his demise in the local rag and one person, on hearing of his death, said that it was good and that nobody will miss him.  

    There are many more tales from the Naked City.  Stay tuned.