Wednesday, 5 October 2011

drugs again

Well, as some people still like to go on about drugs not being harmful, causing untold misery, destroying families and communities, causing an escalation in crime, and pushers and suppliers growing rich on the addicts, and those need a "buzz", what are these people about?  Back in the "hippie" days, they may have been about "turning people on", but things drastically changed as professional criminals saw what money was being made, and decided to get in fast.  Because the lifeblood of criminals is MONEY!!  My belief is that many of these wankers back then came from middle-class or well-off families.  The Police have always been a bane to the middle classes.  This stretches back many years, as middle classes resented being stopped by Police, particularly in their cars, as they obviously believed that they were above them, given their social status.  Working class people may resent a lot of Police, due to various reasons, but they accept that they have a job to do. 

    I see these middle-classes thinking that the job of the Police is to keep the lower classes in order;  that they should not be bothered, because they are far "better" people.  To me, men like Allen Ginsberg and Timothy Leary, were just desperate to get young people to like them.  To appear to be "hip"  All this bollocks about "turn on, tune in, drop out!"  Oh wow, why can`t people just drop some acid and "open their minds?"  Why not ask Syd Barrett?  He went overboard "expanding" his mind and went do-lally.  How about Peter Green?  Somebody spiked his drink with LSD and as a result has been in and out of mental hospitals for forty years.  A lad I went to school with, was ingesting LSD whilst at school, and since he left school, he has never been right in the head.  Everybody has always regarded him since as a nutcase.  His behaviour can be very bizarre.  At the time he was taking it, the drugs would have been manufactured by Richard Kemp.  The chemist who grew rich on his product but fucknuts actually believe he did no wrong and should not have been arrested and prosecuted.  One fucknut stated that the Police should be made to apologise(!) to him.  OH yes, everybody else involved in drugs can be arrested and jailed, but Kemp and his associates should apparently be above the law!

     Martyn Pritchard, the undercover cop who initially kicked off, wrote abook about his work.  Some reviews were, in my view, typical old hippie shit.  "Anachcronistic and hilarious" stated one.  Undercover work was in it`s early days, and there was a lot of hard work in getting both the Home Office and the Police hierarchy to change their outlook on the drugs scene.  All I read in these reviews was that wankers resented pushers et al, being brought to book.  It does not seem to matter that the drugs these people buy, sell, distribute are ILLEGAL!!!  They are therefore subject to the LAW!!!!