Sunday, 21 August 2011


Now that one of the people sent down for the Operation Julie case, has now written his "Memoirs" thirty three years after the event, it must make you wonder if he is short of a bob or two.  Of course there was the obligatory recommendation from drug smuggler Howard Marks, stating what a great read it was.  Of course he would. It`s about drugs.  The field that Marks, for the last number of years, has marketed himself as "Mr Nice".  Is Marks actually so nice?  I wonder if he would have smuggled drugs through a country like Malaysia, with it`s draconian approach to captured drug smugglers.  A couple of brits went to the noose in the eighties.  Nevermind, if good old Howard would have, would he have handled the contraband personally, or would he have put a dupe in his place?  No doubt he would have been convinced with titbits such as "You won`t get caught" or "They won`t hang you"  If this scenario was ever, or potentially true, this most definitely would not make him "Mr Nice"

    There are a couple of books out about the Operation Julie.  Two are by former Police Officers involved in the case, Martyn Pritchard, the undercover man, and Dick Lee, the man who lead the investigation.  Both are dismissed by reviewers as being purely from a Law & Order point of view.  Mind you, these reviewers spoke a load of the hippie bollocks that still permeates.  It does not matter that what they did was highly illegal, very profitable for them, and at the end of the day, it seems that they can commit the crime but cry and moan about the sentence.  Personally, I believe all drug pushers should be put against a wall and shot.

     I feel that the image that is attempted to be portrayed is that all young people, hippies, were all "peace and Love".  Of course they would not turn violent towards people opposed to the their drug pushing.  How silly.  It`s all beads and fancy clothes!  Here`s something, way back in the late 60`s early 70`s, Eric Claptons` pusher would no longer sell him cocaine.  He has to buy heroin as well.  Yeah, all real peace and love, man!